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Andy and Olivia Tuohy, Artist, Designer, Graphic Designer and Company Directors

Andy Tuohy is a renowned illustrator known for his iconic A-Z of Liverpool and Merseyside, a project that showcases his love for the city where he studied Graphic Design in the 1980s. With a diverse career in publishing and advertising, Andy has established his own successful studio, attracting commissions from prestigious institutions, publishers, festivals, and museums around the world.

Having worked with prestigious organizations like Tate Enterprises, First Great Western, McKinsey & Company, Royal Mail Stamps, and Octopus Publishing Group, Andy's talent and unique style have left a lasting impression on the design world. His illustrations capture the essence of his subjects with vibrant colours and a distinctive style.

Collaborating with his wife, Olivia, from their studio on the picturesque south coast, the practice benefits from her extensive background in the media and marketing industry. Olivia's keen editorial eye and business acumen complement Andy's creative vision, making their partnership a perfect blend of artistry and entrepreneurship.

Today, Andy Tuohy continues to make waves in the design industry, blending his exceptional talent with a keen business focus. His illustrations captivate viewers, drawing them into the vibrant worlds he creates. Whether he's working on commissions or exploring his personal artistic projects, Andy's passion shines through, leaving an indelible mark on the illustration and design worlds.


Andy Tuohy Design Ltd.  Registered in England and Wales No: 8864514

Registered Office:  28 Hillside Street, Hythe, Kent, CT21 5EL, UK


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